Net of Expertise

Gamal Bin Ghanem

Gamal is currently working as an analyst in the Government of Saskatche-wan, Ministry of Government Relations, Canada. Prior to this position, Gamal has done an eight-month internship in the Local Government (City of Regina) in Canada as a policy analyst.
Gamal has two degrees in public administration from Canada. While he earned his master’s degree in public administration from School of Public Policy at University of Regina, he also has a graduate certificate in public Administration from Seneca College.
In addition to his formal Canadian education and hands-on experience in the municipal and provincial governments in Canada, Gamal has been active in the field of youth development since 2008. He is the Co- founder and served as the Chairman of Democratic Youth Foundation in Yemen. Democratic Youth Foundation is a non-profit foundation concerns human rights and democratic values. He is also the Co-founder and the former Ex-ecutive Director of the Youth Initiative Foundation in Yemen. Youth Initiative Foundation was designed to function as an umbrella for all youth foundations in Hadhamrout along with the aim of encouraging new youth initiatives.