Who we are

About us

Globalview is a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization dedicated for Early Recovery, Stability, Peace and Development in Post-war areas of Yemen through a worldwide network of people and partnership with national and international institutions. 

Why Globalview?

Records say that post war countries tend to have very weak and fragile state institutions. As those countries are exposed to post war fluctuations due to super negative consequences of war. The immense damage of infrastructure makes it very difficult to sustain good living conditions and meet citizens’ high expectations. Besides, trust among parties to the conflict is almost none existed. What is happening in the Yemeni scene shows state institutions’ inability to achieve stability in post-war areas which indicates that the stability of Yemen in the coming periods will remain fragile.
The stability of Yemen is necessary for an orderly transfer of power and an early election that will ensure a full participation of all political forces in Yemen. It will also achieve a balance between all regions and different social groups.
The international experience of the post-war countries affirmed that giving great attention to some vital elements has had a great impact on stabilizing the country. These countries paid great attention to the local communities in managing their own affairs, providing needs and strengthening internal social peace. It also enables the political process of the country to continue and achieve the sustainable stability and peace desired.
Yemen needs backup to overcome post war consequences. This will never happen unless broad programs of institutional and administrative reforms are implemented in cooperation with national and international institutions. For these reasons and more Globalview is founded, to prepare ground and unify efforts into sustainable peace and development in Yemen.

Our Vision

Peace among people & development for people in all areas of Yemen and with the region.

Our Mission

To contribute to the local, regional and international efforts to strengthen stability & Local Governance toward building sustainable peace and development in Yemen.

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