'Education Reality in Hadramout

'Education Reality in Hadramout

Globalview, in cooperation with Youth Initiative Foundation and Hadramout Chamber of Commerce and Industry, held a workshop entitled ‘Education Reality in Hadramout,’ in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry hall on Monday 22nd Jan. 2018.



The workshop was attended by a number of participants of different educational sectors. As there were students, teachers, and a sample of students who are sent on scholarships.

The opening ceremony of the workshop started with presentation by Eng. Marya Yassin, Project Manager in Globalview. The presentation included the importance of Education and why Globalview has chosen this topic to conduct a workshop about it. The presentation also included the themes of the workshop.

After that, a work paper was presented by Dr, Fatehia Baheshwan, Deputy Dean of Women College Hadramout University. The work paper entitled, ‘Challenges Facing Educations & Work Labor,’ discussed some of the main challenges facing the students, the teachers, and even the school administrations.



Later on, Dr. Mohammad bin Joma’an, Dean of the Opening Learning Faculty in Hadramout University, presented his work paper entitled ‘Education Issues.’ The work paper discussed the general issues of education and included the scholarships issues.



Eng. Bader Basalma, Globalview President, interacted on the phone with the participants talking about the importance of education in developing any civilization. “We need to encourage the youth to choose the vocational education for its importance and society’s needs for it,” Eng. Basalma said.

The discussions between the participants was opened, and the main points they focused on were qualifying the teachers, the absence of the teaching plans, the absence of the cooperation between the administrations of schools, and others.



This workshop is considered as the first step as the education in Hadramout is losing its values and needs to be improved. The workshop ended with a number of outcomes for each theme of the workshop.   

Later, Globalview for Peace & Development interviewed a number of young people about the importance of the education and the issues they face.

The young people spoke about their challenges in education in the different levels of studying and the different majors they study.



“As a graduate student, I feel that there is a lot of experience I need to say that I’m really a graduator,” one of the young people said.

The students in Hadramout suffer from an educational system that contains a number of faults. As there are no clear teaching plans, and the majority of the teachers themselves are not qualified. The students also suffer from the unequipped schools. As 90% of the students in Hadramout do not take practical lessons in the school labs due to the lack of need materials.  

“We need to learn practically,” Ahmed, a high school student, said.

In the other hand, the students in the universities suffer from another problem, which is the gap between the university outcomes and the labor market. As when the student graduates, it would be difficult for him to find a job since his qualifications are not equivalent to the labor market.

“The labor market needs specific standards, and the outcomes of the university do not equal them,” Eng. Fatima, a graduate said.