Globalview with the European Delegation

Globalview with the European Delegation

Globalview for Peace and Development represented by its President, Eng. Bader Basalma, met the Ambassador of the European Delegation, Ms. Antonia Clavo Puerta, and her technical team in Amman, Jordan.

Ms. Antonia briefed Eng. Bader Basalma on the current international efforts to increase the volume of humanitarian aid to Yemen and the efforts to revive the political process.

“We are glad with the efforts done by the whole world to help Yemen getting over the hard crisis that is living for three years,” Eng. Basalma said.
The discussion also addressed the development needs of the liberated governorates in Yemen and the urgent need to strengthen the capacity of local authorities at the district level in planning and managing resources.
Globalview President briefed the European Delegation represented by Ms. Antonia, the Ambassador, about the workshop, which is being prepared by the German foundation, Berghoff, in cooperation with Globalview for Peace and Development, on ways to develop local financial resources by the end of this month.

The ambassador praised the importance of the workshop and looked forward to the results that “will help improving the situation of the governorates,” as she described.

Globalview for Peace and Development has met the European Group previously and they praised the hard working done by the Globalview in the fields of early recovery, stability, peace and development in the post war areas in Yemen.

Globalview for Peace and Development has held a number of workshops aimed at building stability in the governorates emerged from conflicts. Globalview has also formed a number of projects in the fields of expanding the powers of local government in managing development and increasing its capabilities in management and generating resources. The projects formed are also aimed at covering the humanitarian and living needs of citizens and provide services. One of its main projects entitled ‘Protection against Extremism,’ aimed at confronting ideas of extremism and attention to youth at schools.