Globalview Forms Developmental Projects

Globalview Forms Developmental Projects

Globalview for Peace and Development presents three projects under the title (PFSC), (PAE), and (HSC) and by its side Globalview is looking with donor organizations for the ability to implement them.

 The first program entitled Productive Family Support Center (PFSC). Globalview presented a different system in these kinds of programs which is the administrative unit in the Center. This unit is working on marketing the families’ products so it becomes a link between the markets and the families. It does that by providing a set of basic services.



The mechanism of the project based on some steps. From these steps, finding all applications beneficiaries, marketing the production of beneficiaries locally and regionally by creating a website and determining the designs and quality required for the products. The project aims at setting up and participating in local, regional and international exhibits.

Globalview in forming the Productive Family Center program, taking in consideration the marketing of the products to the international organizations to support the families’ production. This will make the productive families bound to the market.

Globalview also added some services to the program as social welfare for the poor productive families like the implementation of educational programs, providing health care services, providing consultancy as well as psychological and social care for the beneficiaries. The program aims at providing the role of incubation for families, organizing the activities of social and cultural beneficiaries. The program’s objectives are, promoting steadfastness headed households’ women to meet the requirements of life accreditation. The project also aims at ensuring continuity the work of productive families through the establishment of unit on the marketing of products.  It also cares of social families produced and improve their situation.

The second project formed by Globalview is Home Service Center (HSC).



The idea of the program came after the statistics of the population in Hadramout the coast reached more than one million by 2017. The statistics say that the number of youth who are aged between 18 and 30 in Hadramout the coast reaches approximately 20% of the total number of the population. The unemployment rates among them are so high reaches 50%. Here comes the need of the implementation of this project.

Globalview's Home Service Center seeks to create jobs and ensure that young trainees have access to and sustain employment opportunities by providing services to the target audience through a service office. The office will be a contact point between the audience and the qualified youth, and that will happen when the audience request various services required in homes, institutions and individuals from the office.

The project aims at creating job opportunities and ensuring the employment and sustainability of all youth. It also aims at monitor and evaluating the level and quality of the services provided by different clients and the level of their delivery by the qualified youth. The project is to evaluate the quality of the services provided and on the basis of which training and rehabilitation programs are provided for young people to enable them to provide these services better, as well as to expand the number of youth providing services as needed and the size of available demand.

Because the city of Mukalla, in the governorate of Hadramout, occupied by the Al- Qaeda during a whole year between April 2015 and April 2016, the city and especially the young people were affected by the extremist ideas spread by the Al- Qaeda members. After liberating the city of them, effective solutions should be conducted. Here comes Globalview with its new project entitled Protection against Extremism (PAE).



What distinguishes the Globalview’s Protection against Extremism is that it focuses not only on targeting students, but also on the teaching and administrative staff who play a major role in guiding the educational process in the right way. It seeks to immunize and protect the 17 high schools in Mukalla. The number of the students in these schools reaches 10256. The training would be through a series of awareness activities and events that enable them, that to get rid of the remnants of ideas of extremism and contribute directly to protect them from any misconceptions.  It also concentrates on rehabilitating the teaching and administrative staff. The program will focus on 934 teachers and administrative staff So that they become more aware and able to deal with students and the teaching environment and protect them from the dangers of extremism.

The Protection against Extremism (PAE) aims at eliminating the effects of Al-Qaeda's control of Mukalla and their dissemination of extremist ideas. It also aims at immunizing and preventing the students, teachers, and administrative staff of extremism and terrorism and strengthen their belonging to their community.

Globalview is a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization dedicated for Early Recovery, Stability, Peace and Development in Post-war areas of Yemen through a worldwide network of people and partnership with national and international institutions. Peace among people & development for people in all areas of Yemen and with the region is Globalview vision. Globalview aims to contribute to the local, regional and international efforts to strengthen stability & Local Governance toward building sustainable peace and development in Yemen.