On its second consecutive day, Globalview continues its efforts in humanitarian work in Mukalla

On its second consecutive day, Globalview continues its efforts in humanitarian work in Mukalla

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Within the framework of its humanitarian efforts, Globalview Foundation for Peace and Development in Hadramout continued its qualitative initiative to combat the Corona Covid-19 virus. In view of the continuing need of beneficiary marginalized families, which are poor with low incomes. They were targeted by the campaign in some areas of Mukalla and specifically in the Al Harashiyat area due to the inability to purchase food, disinfection materials and its accessories during this period.  As the precautionary measures to prevent this new pandemic advise full commitment to using disinfectants and sterilizers periodically and regularly because this virus causes the possibility of transmitting infection if there is an infected case.

The Foundation launched its awareness initiative yesterday (Tuesday), to confront the Corona Pandemic. This initiative was represented in organizing awareness campaigns for beneficiary families to spread ways and methods of prevention and how to deal with people while feeling the symptoms of the Corona Virus, through the medical teams participating in this initiative. As well as preventive and sterile spraying campaigns with diluted chlorine to disinfect and sterilize the homes of the targeted families in this campaign. In addition to distributing ration baskets containing food and sterilization materials to ensure their safety and health from any epidemics.

Based on the keenness of the Foundation, represented by the Chairman, Eng. Bader Basalma at the Social Responsibility Observatory, to provide an opportunity for the participation of a number of volunteers from health specialties and to assign them to spread societal awareness to combat this pandemic and eliminate it. The initiative found great response from the heads of the targeted neighborhoods, citizens and the families that benefit from this initiative.

It is worth to mention that the initiative comes in cooperation with the High Committee to Combat Corona Virus and in coordination with the Hygiene and Improvement Fund in the coast of Hadramout.

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