The UN Security Council Recalls all its previous relevant resolutions and statements

United Nations25/02/2020The Security Council, Recalling all its previous relevant resolutions and statements of its president concerning Yemen

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A catastrophe facing the fish wealth unless there is rapid intervention

During the past few years, a number of investment companies have been established in a neighboring country in the field of grinding sardines (approximately 11 investment companies). These companies re...

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Lack of Cleanliness and quality in Al-Ommal Fish Market in Mukalla

Al-Ommal Fish Market is considered one of the worst markets for its cleanliness and lack of control over the quality of its fish.Fish that are rejected from landing in the fourth project (the port) fi...

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Arab Futures 2.0 The Road to 2030 by Florance Gaub

European Union Institute for StudiesArab Futures 2.0 The Road to 2030 by Florance Gaub CHAILLOT PAPER / 154 September 2019

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SUDAN ECONOMIC REVIVAL PLAN (SERP) For Freedom, Peace and Justice (2019-2030), National Economic Narrative for FPJ: Transforming The Economy Through Three Phases

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Yemen crisis impact overview

Crisis In SightYemen crisis impact overviewJune - August 2019

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After Aden: Navigating Yemen’s New Political Landscape

"Yemen’s anti-Huthi coalition has begun to splinter, with sharp fighting between Saudi- and Emirati-backed elements in the country’s south. With UN assistance, the Gulf monarchies should urgently brok...

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The Main Committee for Financial Resources Development discusses ways to increase local and shared resource collection in the directorates

The main committee for the development of financial resources in Hadramout valley, chaired by the deputy Governor of the governorate for the valley and desert affairs, Mr. Essam Habrish Al-katiri revi...

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