A second severe wave of Covid-19 may come in Yemen late this year

A second severe wave of Covid-19 may come in Yemen late this year

According to the latest figures from the World Health Organization, the Covid-19 death rate in Yemen is 29% of the total recorded infections, which is five times higher than the global average of just under 6%. Doctors' deaths represent about 19 % of the total number of declared deaths, a large number and seven times higher than the global average.

Yemeni doctors say that the death of 105 workers in the health sector represents a disaster in a country that suffers from a chronic shortage of medical professionals, and a loss that extends to the entire society and the country in general, especially since some of those who died were senior doctors and leaders in their fields, and their loss is not replaceable.

 Despite the decline in official data, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs revealed, in its latest statement on the health situation, that the challenges of the Corona virus in Yemen "which still exists", and that health professionals are concerned about reducing the official epidemiological curve for estimates of the extent of the spread of Covid 19 - in Yemen, due to a lack of testing facilities and official reports.

Epidemiologists expect that the first wave of Corona in Yemen was mild and did not reach its peak, pointing out that a second severe wave may come late this year with the onset of winter.

As of Sunday evening, 01/11/2020, the health authorities of the legitimate government had recorded 2063 cases of Corona virus infection, including 1,366 recoveries and 600 deaths.