Aden Bombing Cars

Aden Bombing Cars

Dozens of people were killed and wounded in two suicide car bombings in Aden, southern Yemen, on Saturday, witnesses said.

Fourteen people were killed when two bombing cars struck the entrance of a military base and a checkpoint near the headquarters of the Southern Transitional Council in Aden.

Some 40 people were also injured when the bombers blew up their cars in the Gold Mohur area of Aden's Al Tawahi district at 5 pm. The deaths included a member of Aden's Elite Counter-Terrorism Forces, a woman and two children, according to the security director in Aden.

The Islamic State, ISIS, announced the adoption of the suicide bombings, carried by its Aamaq news agency, said two suicide bomb attacks had struck the Anti-Terrorism Camp in Aden.

The terrorists claimed responsibility for two suicide car bombs and other attackers wearing explosive belts. They tried to climb over the external gate of the military base to reach the inside but were shot dead by guards before they could blow themselves up.

Local shops and houses were damaged in the attack while the force of the booms shattered windows in the headquarters of the ST.

"The explosions terrified dozens of families living in the area who rushed to the street to look for their children," eyewitness Jamal Mahdi told the Associated Press. He added that the explosions resulted in multiple causalities, including civilians, and were followed by heavy gunfire.

For his part, Aden's Security Chief, Major General Shalal Ali, said that a terrorist attack on the headquarters of the Anti-Terrorism Department was foiled by two car bombs however the suicidal who tried to approach the building were immediately killed before they could reach Foreign Counterterrorism Headquarters.

Aden has been the seat of Hadi's government since 2014, when Houthi Rebels, seized the capital Sanaa and forced him into self-exile. A Saudi-led coalition backing Hadi has been at war with the Houthis since March 2015.