Ahed Al-Tamimi, The Intifada Symbol

Ahed Al-Tamimi, The Intifada Symbol

On Tuesday, December 19th, 2017, Israeli troops raided the house of Ahed Al-Tamimi family in the town of Prophet Saleh and arrested her after the attack on the family, confiscating mobile phones, computers and destroying the house. Her arrest was followed by an outstanding media follow-up.

The Israeli army not only arrested Ahed, but later arrested her mother, Nariman, who went to visit her daughter at the detention center. Ahed's father, Basem Al-Tamimi, said that Nariman, Ahed's mother, went to the Binyamin detention center east of Ramallah to check on her daughter and was no longer at home. He was later informed by the family lawyer that she had been arrested.

The mother had been arrested five times and was injured several times, most recently with live bullets in the thigh on 20th November 2014, and Nariman’s brother was martyred in the weekly march of Prophet Saleh. The father, as well, was arrested 11 times by the Israeli army and subjected to severe torture, resulting in a coma for ten days. He was injured several times, and his wife and two sons were beaten several times by the Israeli army.

The Israeli Minister of Defense, Avigdor Lieberman, saying on the arrest of Al-Tamimi, "Everyone around her, not only the girl but also her parents will not escape what they deserve."

Ahed Al-Tamimi was born in 2001 and lives in her family home in the town of Prophet Saleh, west of Ramallah in the center of the West Bank. Since her early childhood, Ahed has been keen to participate in the weekly anti-settlement rallies and the apartheid wall and confront the Israeli army. She lived daily the suffering of the Palestinian people under occupation and the resistance for her and the family is not an option. Ahed has been always seen confronting the Israeli soldiers with her slim body. The international news agencies reported these touching images, and she has always been a nuisance to the Israelis.