Eid in Taiz

Eid in Taiz

Governor of Taiz governorate, Dr. Amin Mahmood, opened the Cairo Castle Park, which is activated after a period of more than three years between the bombing and destruction.

The Cairo Castle still has some parts exposed to bombardment as it is considered as a clear target for the Houthis.

The Yemenis started to go to the castle after being developed and equipped to receive the Eid.

Najib Al-Qahtani, a lawyer, stressed that the word, Taiz, means resistance and steadfastness. “We were keen to celebrate Eid despite the siege and war, therefore works have been started at the castle was for months with the help of more than 200 workers who were distributed to work on the Castle and its patios,” Mr.  Al-Qahtani said. “We all did our best just to make the people of the city happy,” he added.

Sweets were distributed for free to the children, then the artistic paragraphs, bands, songs, contests and other miscellaneous passages began. The festivities continued three days.

Cairo Castle or Al-Qahira Castle is a historical castle in the ancient city of Taiz, Yemen. It is located on the northern slope of Mount Sabr, which is based on rocky highlands overlooking the city. It is said that the area was originally referred as the old Taiz, and later renamed as Al-Qahira (Cairo). The castle is considered as the nucleus of the city of Taiz.

The sultan of the Sulayhids, Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al-Sulayhi commissioned the castle in the first half of the 12th century and it was expanded during the rule of his brother Ali ibn Muhammad Al-Sulayhi.