Globalview Forms HSC

Globalview Forms HSC

Globalview for Peace and Development creates a new program entitled Home Service Center.

The idea of the program came after the statistics of the population in Hadramout the coast reached more than one million by 2017. The statistics say that the number of youth who are aged between 18 and 30 in Hadramout the coast reaches approximately 20% of the total number of the population. The unemployment rates among them are so high reaches 50%. Here comes the need of the implementation of this project.

Globalview's HomeService Center seeks to create jobs and ensure that young trainees have access to and sustain employment opportunities by providing services to the target audience through a service office. The office will be a contact point between the audience and the qualified youth, and that will happen when the audience request various services required in homes, institutions and individuals from the office.

The project aims at creating job opportunities and ensuring the employment and sustainability of all youth. It also aims at monitor and evaluating the level and quality of the services provided by different clients and the level of their delivery by the qualified youth. The project is to evaluate the quality of the services provided and on the basis of which training and rehabilitation programs are provided for young people to enable them to provide these services better, as well as to expand the number of youth providing services as needed and the size of available demand.

Globalview has formed a program before called Productive Family Support Center (PFSC). It aims at finding job opportunities for the productive families in the governorate and help them to market the products they provide.