Globalview with UNDP Once Again

Globalview with UNDP Once Again

Globalview for Peace and Development represented by Eng. Bader Basalma, CEO and Founder of Globalview, met Mr. Nasser Ahmed Nasser, Project Officer of Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen Program (ERRY).

Mr. Nasser welcomed Eng. Bader Basalma again as they met before in the previous month to discuss the situation of the governorates emerged from conflict and to look for ways of cooperation between the two parties.

Eng. Basalma presented two of the main projects formed by Globalview for Peace and Development in February. The first one is Productive Family Center (PFC), which is formed to help the productive families in Hadrramout Governorate as well as the other governorates emerged from the conflicts in Yemen. The other project presented was the Home Service Center (HSC) which is formed as part of the empowering youth plan put by Globalview for the year 2018. The projects is dedicated for the youth who have low level of education and is formed to create job opportunities for a large segment of the youth in the governorate.

By his side, Mr. Nasser expressed his happiness and excitement about the two projects presented. “The projects are formed in a way to help the people in the governorates emerged from the conflicts and create a sustainable job opportunities for them,” Mr. Nasser said.

Mr. Nasser pointed that they, at the UNDP, will look for the better way to integrate the projects to fit the requirements of the UN. He also said that they are to start with pilot city to test the projects.

The UNDP has formed, earlier this week, their regular cluster meeting and with the attendance of a number of the local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to discuss opportunities to improve the humanitarian conditions and aids given to the Yemeni people.