Globalview with UNDP Again

Globalview with UNDP Again

Globalview for Peace and Development represented by Eng. Bader Basalma, CEO of Globalview, met the head of the UNDP Sub-Office in Aden.

The meeting started with warm welcoming from Mr. Sylavain Merlen, Head of the UNDP Sub- Office in Aden. Mr. Merlen expressed his happiness with the meeting describing it as a great chance to know the situation of Hadramout governorate and to see the better ways to implement projects in there. He also expressed his happiness that there is a foundation as Globalview in the governorate which worked hardly in a short period to fix some problems as it could.

Later on, Mr. Sylvain Merlen, Head of UNDP Sub-Office, stated the strategy of the UNDP. He pointed that the strategy included establishing network channels among NGOs. He also stated that there are grants for small projects. Mr. Merlen said, “We need to insure stabilization through sustainable projects.”

Mr. Sylvain said that they agreed at the UNDP at shifting from focusing on the next election to humanitarian aid. At the meeting, Mr. Merlen and Eng. Basalma agreed at it is much more important to give more attention on the governorates level instead of the central government.

Eng. Basalma by his part presented the project formed by Globalview for Peace and Development in February which entitled Productive Family Center (PFC). Mr. Merlen liked the idea of the project and the additions of it which distinguishes it of the other projects in the same field. “Productive Family Projects; one family, one product,” Mr. Merlen said.

By the end of the meeting, Eng. Basalma expressed his happiness and gratitude with the helpful and meeting with the UNDP and Mr. Sylvain. By his part, Mr. Sylvain promised that the UNDP is to visit Mukalla by the end of March to see the better ways to implement projects in there.