Hadramout Deputy Governor Confirms Support to Youth Empowerment

Hadramout Deputy Governor Confirms Support to Youth Empowerment

Fahmi Awad Badawi, Deputy of Hadramout Governor for Youth Affairs, said in an exclusive statement, "The support provided by Maj. Gen. Faraj Salmin Al-Bahsani Governor of Hadramout, to the youth sector is a conclusive evidence of the direction taken by the Local Authority in the governorate towards the 2018 declaration."

After attending the ceremony for activities and honoring federations the centers who came in the first place. For the first national junior session competition at the 24-APRIC in the governor's resident.

Badawi added that Hadramout governor decided to set up a board of directors for youth support fund to adopt their projects and initiatives in a reasonable and clear way.

He said that he would contribute to create job opportunities, loans to march without profit, reduce the unemployment rate and revive the sports sector among young people.
Badawi stressed that the new administration of the Fund, which will be formed later by Maj. Gen. Al-Bahsani will be responsible, loyal and honest towards servicing youth in all levels.
He said that the local authority achieved a lot so far with efforts and following-up by specialists. Like the completion of afforestation Baradem stadium in Mukalla city. The stadium hosted the largest football tournament and hosted the football championship in the first national junior for the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Furthermore, they are currently working on the afforestation of Seyoun Olympic stadium and working on reopening the gyms in Mukalla and Seyoun these days.
He pointed out that there is a tendency to support the federations and sports clubs in the Valley, the desert, the plateau and the coast.

At the end Mr. Badawi, thanked Maj. Gen. Al-Bahsani for his unlimited support to the youth especially sport sector in the governorate.