Locusts destroy agricultural crops in Yemen

Locusts destroy agricultural crops in Yemen

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) confirmed that the livelihoods of farmers in Yemen have been severely affected by the continued spread of desert locusts.

The United Nations News website quoted the organization as saying that the desert locust has destroyed agricultural crops in many areas of the country, which has led to an increase in the suffering of thousands of people already exhausted, due to years of conflict.

According to the "FAO", Yemen represents a fertile breeding ground for desert locusts, and combating their spread is crucial in order to prevent a new spread of the pest in both the Horn of Africa and Southwest Asia.

The desert locust attacked the crops of radish, onions, sesame, watercress and even palm trees, which inflicted great losses on farmers.

The organization said that it supports the Yemeni Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation in the efforts to combat desert locusts by providing logistical services and training field teams.

It indicated that it supports locust control operations through logistical services, providing nearly 15,000 liters of pesticides and training 393 field teams on effective control techniques and best health, safety and environmental practices.