Salam Foundation Visits Globalview

Salam Foundation Visits Globalview

Mr. Salim Ahmed Salim Bashaib, President of Salam Foundation for Community Development; visited Globalview for Peace and Development on Tuesday 16th January 2018.

Eng. Maria Yassin, Program Officer of Youth Empowerment and Family Programs at the Foundation, Welcomed him.

Mr. Bashaib explained that the visit goal is to introduce Globalview Foundation to Salam Foundation for Community Development and search for potential cooperation between the two parties. Form her part, Eng. Maria welcomed the visit and added that Globalview welcomes all kinds of cooperation that service the development of the community as a goal for everyone.

Mr. Bashaib then reviewed their institution’s vision, namely, building community peace, which is also part of Globalview’s goals.

“Hadramout in its current situation needs cooperation from all of us, especially in spreading awareness of peaceful coexistence and acceptance of the other,” Mr. Bashaib said.

After that, Eng. Maria explained the Foundation‘s activities to Mr. Bashaib, including the various workshops, which produced important results, conclusions and recommendations, especially with regard to community peace.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Bashaib praised all the efforts made by Globalview and its obvious impact despite the short period. Form her part, Eng. Maria thanked Bashaib for all the work done by Salam Foundation for Community Development on the side of community peace and expressed her admiration for their effective foundational work.

Salam Foundation for Community Development is an active foundation in the community peace. Its mission is to build the values ​​of peaceful coexistence and social equality by raising awareness of peace and human rights, reducing the effects of conflicts and preparing specialized studies in partnership with local and international organizations to achieve stability and development. The Foundation has carried out a number of programs focusing on the community peace side, such as mental health education in schools and high schools, awareness-raising radio interviews and peace programs, and posting posters calling for peace. Among their active projects is the "Social Reformer" project, a meeting with the Officials of the Neighborhoods.