The Fisheries Authority in Al-Mahra is looking for ways to develop fish landing centers

The Fisheries Authority in Al-Mahra is looking for ways to develop fish landing centers

A meeting was held on Wednesday, 9 September 2020, headed by the Chairman of the General Authority for Fisheries in Al-Mahra Governorate, Eng. Abdel Nasser Awaid Kalashat, with the directors of the fish landing centers in the directorates, approved a number of procedures and steps to regulate the fishing process and preserve marine wealth.

 At the beginning of the meeting, which was attended by the leadership of the Fisheries Authority in Al-Mahra, the head of the authority welcomed the directors of fish landing centers in the coastal directorates in the governorate, stressing that the meeting comes within the authority's annual plan to develop the fish sector. In addition, to see the conditions of the landing centers because of the great importance they represent.

 The head of the General Authority for Fisheries, Eng. Abdel Nasser Kalashat, stressed the need to make more efforts in order for the landing centers to carry out their duties and tasks, praising the roles and efforts made by the centers' managers and employees.

 Kalachat listened to a detailed explanation from the managers of the landing centers about the progress of work and the most prominent difficulties and obstacles facing the work.

 The meeting discussed ways to activate and develop the work of fish landing centers and provide facilities to fishermen and investors, reviewing proposals to regulate the work of fishermen, the process of fishing, and measures to prevent the use of prohibited means in violation of fishing laws.

 The meeting approved the completion of the issuance of a license to practice a profession for fishermen, and the start of the numbering process for the fishermen's boats in the coming days, due to the importance they represent in organizing the work of fishermen and the ease of dealing with them and their protection in many accidents.

 The meeting mandated the directors of the landing centers in the districts to prepare perceptions about the extent of implementation of fishing regulation for the governorate of Al-Mahra, in addition to activating the supervisory role through the specialized staff and the involvement of local authorities and security departments in the directorates and society, to combat prohibited means and violations of the hunting regulation and to arrest violators.

 The meeting also approved the formation of a committee to list the establishments of the General Authority for Fisheries in Al-Mahra, their eligibility and needs with regard to maintenance and restoration.