Empowering Local Authorities to Manage Local Development

Key Stability Area (2): Expanding the Powers of Local Government in Managing Development and Increasing its Capabilities in Management and Generating Resources

To achieve this point, Globalview for peace and Development has held two workshops in cooperation with the German foundation, Berghof. Both of the workshops were under the patronage of the minister of Local Administration, Abdurraqib Fateh, and the local authority of Hadramout Governorate represented by the governor, Maj. Gen. Faraj Salmin Al-Bahssani.

The first workshop was entitled ‘Challenges Facing Local Authorities.’ Nine governorates in Yemen were participating in the workshop which was held in the city of Mukalla, Hadramout Governorate. Two participants representing the local authorities of each liberated governorate participated, and the governorates participating are Socotra, Ma’areb, Al Mahra, Abyan, Aden, Shabwa, Addale’a, Lahej and Hadramout.

The workshop discussed several issues in three sessions. The participants discussed and evaluated the experience of Local Authorities. Later, they discussed the challenges of Local Authorities in providing services and humanitarian aid, as well as the security in the governorates emerged from conflicts. Then the participants discussed ways to strengthen the governorates’ authorities to enable them providing services, stability and development.

The final outcome was a list of recommendations suggested by three work groups to provide solutions to overcome shared challenges facing local authorities in the governorates. The participants agreed that the most challengeable issue that irrigate the local authorities of the liberated governorates is the financial situation. Here comes the need to hold another workshop to find out what are the main challenges of the financial situation of the local authorities in the liberated governorates, and the suitable ways to manage it.     

Therefore, Globalview in cooperation with Berghof agreed to hold a second workshop under the title ‘Financial Resources of Local Authorities (Reality & Vision).’ The workshop lasted for two days, with the participation of 20 representative of 10 liberated governorates including, Aden, Hadramout, Lahj, Abyan, Mahra, Taiz, Marib, Shabwa, Socotra and Dhale’.

The workshop reviewed the assessment and reality of the financial resources and development section of the authorities. The participants also discussed the most important problems facing the local authorities in terms of financial resources. The participants also discussed the control and accountability of local resources and a number of proposals aim at promoting the development and rationalization of domestic financial resources.

The outcome of the workshop was formed in a proposal presented to the minister of the local administration as the responsible official body.