Confronting ideas of extremism, Strengthening resilience, Attention to women and youth, and Jobs creation.

Key Stability Area (5): Confronting Ideas of Extremism, Attention to Women and Youth, and Jobs Creation

To achieve this point, Globalview for peace and Development has held two workshops. The first workshop was under the title ‘Youth Challenges between Reality and Ambition,’ on the period from 20th – 21st Dec. 2017.

The workshop was under the patronage of Hadramout governor, and in cooperation with local authority in Hadramout. The workshop discussed youth challenges in three main themes; Youth psychological and social problems, youth and unemployment and youth empowerment in social and political work, in addition to youth and Extremism.

20 representatives of local institutions presented work papers addressing challenges, proposals and studies, and pioneering experiments to tackle youth challenges in the main themes. The workshop is concluded with a list of recommendations and suggestions for local authority, deputy governor for youth affairs, and local and international organizations agreed by all group works. A committee of six members is formed to follow up implementing the recommendations put forward.

The second workshop held entitled ‘Education Reality in Hadramout.’ The workshop was in cooperation with Youth Initiative Foundation and Hadramout Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The workshop discussed five main themes. The first one is the impact of the government's educational policies and the society's thinking on the educational system and its outputs. Second, the educational system and the most prominent problems in it. The workshop’s third main theme is scholarships, as the workshop discussed the scholarships sources, its policies and its graduates. The fourth theme is the harmonization of education outputs with the labor market. The fifth and last theme of the workshop is, the factors affecting the quality of education.

‘Education Reality in Hadramout’ came after the workshop entitled, ‘Youth Challenges in Hadramout between Reality and Ambition,’ as one of its outcomes where the participants of the former workshop agreed that the education system in Hadramout has a basic role in the unemployment reasons between the youth.

After discussing the outcomes of the both workshops, Globalview for Peace and Development has come to the point of forming a project which will help in the regard. The project formed by Globalview is entitled ‘Home Service Center.’  

The statistics say that the population in Hadramout the coast reached more than one million by 2017. It also says that the number of youth who are aged between 18 and 30 in Hadramout the coast reaches approximately 20% of the total number of the population. The unemployment rates among them are so high reaches more than 50%.

The project aims at creating job opportunities and ensuring the employment and sustainability of all youth. It also aims at monitoring and evaluating the level and quality of the services provided by different clients and the level of their delivery by the qualified youth.

Not just the youth who got the attention of Globalview, the family as an entire body also got the equal attention and Globalview has formed another project in the field of jobs creation.   

The second project is entitled, ‘Productive Family Support Center.’ The program’s objectives are, promoting steadfastness headed households women to meet the requirements of life accreditation. The project also aims at ensuring continuity the work of productive families through the establishment of unit on the marketing of products.  It also cares of social families produced and improve their situation.

In confronting the extremism, Globalview has conducted two things. The first one is the event of the ‘Women Peace Festival.’ The festival was in cooperation with National Commission for Women, Yemeni Women Union, Students Union of Hadramout University, Sama Forum, and Kaizen Center.

The festival was held to deliver a clear message to the new UN envoy, Mr. Martin Griffiths, that the women in Hadramout are asking for peace in their country as one of their simple rights of living.

The other thing conducted by Globalview to confront extremism is the project entitled ‘Protection against Extremism.’ The ‘Protection against Extremism (PAE)’ project aims at eliminating the effects of Al-Qaeda's control of Mukalla and their dissemination of extremist ideas. As the city of Mukalla, in the governorate of Hadramout, has been occupied by the Al- Qaeda during a whole year between April 2015 and April 2016. As a result, the city, and especially the young people, were affected by the extremist ideas spread by the Al- Qaeda members. The project also aims at immunizing and preventing the students, teachers, and administrative staff of extremism and terrorism and strengthen their belonging to their community.