Fields of Work

Conflict Resolution & Peace Building

 Providing conditions for political and societal stability, and assist in making short/ long term plans for political and social stability of Yemen.  Utilizing Globalview network, knowledge and deep understanding of Yemeni society to monitor and secure related events, study their impact on the public and help in the development of risk management plans for a sustainable peace and development.     ...

Good Governance

• Promote political, administrative and governmental reforms.• Consolidation of the principles of democracy, human rights, the role of law and transparency.• Promote development of economy, and investment.• Anti-Corruption programs.• Enhance the contribution of young people and women to political and social work.• Configuring the transformation of the federal system.

Global Forum

Create a political and developmental movement that serves the various segments of the society at the national level. Support ideas that reject discrimination. Guide efforts that consolidate civil behavior and reject violence and extremism to achieve national solidarity.   Support intellectual, cultural and political dialogues and promote peace and tolerance. Highlight the cultural, intellectual an...