Dr.Shadi Basurra

He has a PhD in IT from the University of Bath, UK. Since 2008 has been a lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Sanaa, Yemen. After completing his PhD, he worked as a Researcher at Japan’s Sony Corporation and then moved on to work as a Lecturer at Birmingham City University, UK. He has published a number of scientific papers in international conferences in Canada, China, USA and United Kingdom.
He is an independent political activist interested in political and human rights affairs in Yemen. He is a founding member of the Board of Trustees of Al Rashid Research Center in Aden, where he also acts as a senior research fellow and research support coordinator. Since August 2015, he has conducted research regarding Yemeni affairs in the Future Center for Research and Advanced Studies in the UAE, a center studying political transformations, and estimate the economic, security and social trends and their influence at national and regional level.
Recently, Shadi has participated in Track-II talks along with high profile personals which was organised by the Berghof Foundation

Gamal Bin Ghanem

Gamal is currently working as an analyst in the Government of Saskatche-wan, Ministry of Government Relations, Canada. Prior to this position, Gamal has done an eight-month internship in the Local Government (City of Regina) in Canada as a policy analyst.
Gamal has two degrees in public administration from Canada. While he earned his master’s degree in public administration from School of Public Policy at University of Regina, he also has a graduate certificate in public Administration from Seneca College.
In addition to his formal Canadian education and hands-on experience in the municipal and provincial governments in Canada, Gamal has been active in the field of youth development since 2008. He is the Co- founder and served as the Chairman of Democratic Youth Foundation in Yemen. Democratic Youth Foundation is a non-profit foundation concerns human rights and democratic values. He is also the Co-founder and the former Ex-ecutive Director of the Youth Initiative Foundation in Yemen. Youth Initiative Foundation was designed to function as an umbrella for all youth foundations in Hadhamrout along with the aim of encouraging new youth initiatives.

Salem Saeed Omar Bahfi

Salem is currently pursuing his Mater Bachelor Degree in Political Science from University of South Florida. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Architec-ture engineering from Hadramout University. Apart from his educations, he was the Former Secretary General of Students Union at Hadramout Univer-sity from 2011-2013.In addition, he is the Chair of Hadramout’s Students Club in North America, and the Director of Public Relations of Khaliji Club in Florida

Ali M. Balobaid

Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey Masters in Diplomacy & international Relations , George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia [2015- 2016], Pathway to Graduate Studies.
Intern at The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Yemen to the United Nations, Founder and Public Relations’ delegate
Hadramout Students’ Club in North America, Executive Director
Human Development Foundation, Mukalla, Hadramout

Ameen Shandhor

Master of Technology and Innovation Management, Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
BSc, Communication & Electronics Engineering, Faculty of Engi-neering,University of Ain Shams, Cairo, Egypt.
Publishing articles of Arabic langauge in the regional and local newspapers, magazines and websites like “Huna Sotak, Radio Netherlands worldwide”, “ Al-Arab” Newspaper, London”, “Al-Adab Magazine, Beirut”, Al-Awan Magazine, Tunis”, “Middle East On-line”..etc. Participating in numerous conferences, forums and work-shops, the most recent was the participation in a international “Euro-Week” conference in Portugal, our project won the first prize.

Muaamar Batawil

is received a Bachelor of Arts (Cum laude) with a double major in political science and international relations from St. Cloud State University, Minne-sota. He is fluent in Arabic and English. Muaamar has different experience during the last 4 years which have listed bellow:
1- Forum of Federations’ local program officer and consultant in Yemen and helps the Forum implement its project “Supporting the National Dialo-gue Conference and the Consolidation of Democracy in Yemen”, funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, Government of Canada. ( 2013-2014)
2- Employee as a specialist in the political section on the office of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in Sana’a since Jan 1, 2014 to Oct 31st 2015.
3- Employee in the Yemeni Council of Ministers With the rank of General Director from March 1st, 2015 to April 3th, 2016.
4- Member of the administrative team of the Yemeni legitimacy govern-ment during the second political talks at Biel city in Switzerland.

Ahmed Salem Abdullah Ba Sallom

MBA in 2014 at the Multimedia University, Malaysia, specialising in Human Resources and Management. He holds a Bachelor degree in Business Information Technology.

Ahmed worked as a Human Resource Consultant with the industrial complex company, Hadramout. Furthermore, he was the HR manager at Dayton company for Oil Services.

Nabhan Abdullah Bin-Nabhan

Nine years of work experience. – Bachelor degree of information technology from Scheme Manipal – India. – worked in young people development, sustainable development, and skills polishment. – participant in many workshps in developmental planning. – participant in many training courses in the fields of development, modern administration, institutional improvement, and project management. – Chairman of many workshps locally and internationally. – Trainer in development and personal rights. – General Director of (Skills Development Fund) within area Hadhramout, Shabwa, Mahrah, and Soqotra – Yemen. – Executive Manager of (Youth Initiative Foundation). – passionate to improve local communities and find innovative solutions of problems that obstacle the development. – pursue to achieve the peace.

Mueataz Hamed

Aeronautical engineer currently working in Bremen, Germany. He holds a master degree in Aviation and Astronautic Engineering from Technical University Braunschweig, Germany. As well as a bachelor degree in Mechatronics from University of Rostock, Germany. In 2007-2008, Mueataz received a scholarship from the Kennedy-Lugar YES exchange program to finish high school at Spokane, WA, in the United States of America.

Besides his interest in being an aeronautical engineer, he has been active in community development by working in different orgnaization. He has attended several series of conferences in the fields of communityservice, education, politics, religion, enterpneurship, green economy and sustainable development.

  • ▪ Entrepreneurship Training Camp by Oasis500, Amman, Jordan, 2016
  • ▪ 6th annual World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), Doha, Qatar 2014
  • ▪ iThra youth initiative at Saudi Aramco, Al-Dammam, Saudi Arabia, 2014
  • ▪ International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Vienna, Austria, 2014
  • ▪ Learners Voice entrepreneurship workshop by Bank Santander, Madrid, Spain, 2014
  • ▪ 5th annual World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), Doha, Qatar 2013
  • ▪ 1st European Qat Research Program Conference, Germany, 2013
  • ▪ 6th World Youth Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2012
  • ▪ Better Understanding for Better World (BUBW) Conference, Baltimore, MD, USA, 2008
  • ▪ Youth Exchange and Study (YES) scholarhsip holder, Spokane, WA, USA, 2007

Mueataz will contribute to Globalview by extending international partners network and help in realization of youth project in Hadramout.