Conflict Resolution & Peace Building

  • Providing conditions for political and societal stability, and assist in making short/ long term plans for political and social stability of Yemen.
  • Utilizing Global View network, knowledge and deep understanding of Yemeni society to monitor and secure related events, study their impact on the public and help in the development of risk management plans for a sustainable peace and development.

Our work is guided by four core values

  1. Globalview has always taken a balanced approach in addressing the conflict and believes that the best way to achieve this is to work in collaboration with others.
  2. It is not our job to offer pre-defined solutions to a conflict. Real reconciliation must be shaped by the parties of the conflict; our job is to prepare the ground and to facilitate reconciliation.
  3. Peace initiatives are as fragile as the hopes they built on. Discretion is therefore essential. We will maintain complete confidentiality for as long as it takes to achieve peace.
  4. We know that good things happen slowly. We know that processes can stagnate – even seemingly collapse – but we will patiently wait for a window of opportunity to open once again.