Dr. Saleh Basura

Founder and President of Al-Rasheed

Dr. Rasheed Baraba

Former Minster of Oil & Minerals Member

Abdullah A Bagatadah

Accomplished executive positions with over 52 years of experience and talents in banking as well in foreign exchange and general trading, business development and Investment, Construction management, financial management, Information Technology and career development sectors besides volunteering. Demonstrated excellent communicating and negotiating skills and interfaced well at all levels of organizations leadership.

Eng. Badr Basalma

Founder & CEO of Globalview Former Minster of Transport Member of national Dialogue Conference.

Founder and Executive Director of Muslim Resource Center for Social Support and Integration, Canada Adjunct Professor at the University of Western Ontario Canada

Minister of telecommunication

Dr . Saadaldeen Talib

Former Minister of Industry & Trade Former member of parliament Former of Supreme national Authority for combating Corruption Member of national Dialogue Conference